Forage Fish Savings Estimator

With the help of this estimator, we have calculated that the first F3 Fish-Free Feed Challenge saved an estimated 350 million forage fish and the second F3 Fish Oil Challenge saved an estimated 2 billion forage fish.

1. Select a species from the dropdown list to get the average fishmeal %, fish oil %, and feed conversion ratio of a typical diet for that species (2016 est.), OR select "Other" to enter in the values of a typical diet for a different species:

2. What is the fishmeal %, fish oil %, and feed conversion ratio of the new, fishmeal- and fish oil-reduced diet:

3. Enter the amount of fish produced:

RESULTS Typical Diet New Diet
Feed Requirement (tonnes)
(production amount * feed conversion ratio)
Limiting Ingredient
(calculated using Forage Fish Dependency Ratio (FFDR)1)
Forage Fish Requirement (tonnes)
(FFDR of Limiting Ingredient * Feed Requirement * 0.672)
# Forage Fish
(Forage Fish Requirement / Weight of a Single Forage Fish3)
Excess Amount of Non-Limiting Ingredient (tonnes)
(Amount of non-limiting ingredient created by amount of forage fish needed - Amount of non-limiting ingredient needed for production amount)