F3 – Fish free
F2 – Fishmeal or oil free
F1 – Fish reduced
F0 – High fish content

F3 Feed Suppliers


The companies in the table below are known to produce and sell verified F3 feed products (those that are free of any marine animal ingredients) for aquaculture. We recommend checking with the companies directly for feed specifications, ingredients, and pricing.

This list does not indicate any endorsements by the F3 Team nor does the F3 Team make any guarantees by providing company names and contacts through this list.

SupplierProductFish ContentOptimal SpeciesStage*CountryGeneral Contact
AgriProtein (with Abagold)MagMealF3General3South Africasales@agriprotein.com
Guangdong Evergreen Feed Industry Co.Tilapia, Carp, Dace3ChinaMs. Remona Huang
Tel: 86-0759 3638036
Mobile: 0086 18820708369
Htoo Thit Co. (with Biomin)Tilapia3Myanmar01 – 613573
Oryza OrganicsTilapia, carp, shrimp, trout3Pakistaninfo@oryzaorganics.com
Star Milling Co.F3Trout2-3USAinfo@starmilling.com
TwoXSeaF3 trout, catfish, stiped bass, sturgeon and tilapia2-3USAContact Form
SkrettingMicroBalanceF2Range of fish3Canadaeast.sales@skretting.com
SkrettingFLXF2Salmon, Trout, Coho1Chile, Canada and AustraliaSkretting: Salmon
SkrettingInfinityF3Salmon2Norway, ChileSkretting: Salmon
SkrettingN3F1Salmon1NorwaySkretting: Salmon
SkrettingN3F1Salmon2ChileSkretting: Salmon
Charoen Pokphand Foods (CP Foods)3USAconsumercenter@cpf.co.th
CargillShrimp, Tilapia, Salmon3USAContact
Tongweigrass carp, loach, bighead carp, dace3ChinaPhone: 800-886-6888
Yuehai FeedShrimp, Prawn, Marine Fish3ChinaPhone: 0759-2323133
Haid Feed3Viet Namquynh.haidfeed@gmail.com
New Hope3Chinaquynh.haidfeed@gmail.com

*Stages: 1 = Commercial Sales; 2 = Pilot Scale; 3 = In Development