Why Evaluate Complete Diets?


In order to become more sustainable, feeds need to be formulated with more sustainable ingredients that still retain nutritional, physical and economic characteristics of the ingredients that they have replaced. The F3 (Future of Fish Feed) Team has created a set of protocols for ingredient evaluation for nutritional and physical characteristics. However, at the end of the day, an ingredient is included in a Feed that comprises a Complete Diet. Consequently, the entire diet, or Complete Diet, needs evaluation.

A Complete Diet evaluation is needed because in some cases the ingredients of the diet are unknown, but information about the diet efficacy is still desired.

This protocol outlines an approach to evaluate Feeds in their entirety – or Complete Diets (CD). The goal of this protocol is to offer a complete evaluation of CDs so that their efficacy can be compared for different species, and establish baselines for comparison against other diets. Our Feed Evaluation Workflow is below.

Hover over the boxes for a short description of each process. Click the underlined boxes to obtain detailed protocol information (PDF).

Researchers in Feed Companies, Academia, and Government

Do you have suggestions for enhancing the protocols?
Feel free to make suggestions, as they are in a process of continuous improvement, by emailing f3fishfreefeed@gmail.com.

Are you testing new ingredients or new feeds?
Researchers who are testing new ingredients can follow the steps below to test their new ingredients. Once test results are available, the ingredient and results can be entered into the FIN ingredient database under construction.

Fish Farmers

Do you want to understand how to trial new feeds on your farm?
The Complete Diet testing protocols will give you information on how to perform the test new feeds on your farm, so that you understand the effect of the new feed or feed ingredient on fish performance.