Working as first CEO and Director. Oryza Organics is pioneer in extruded fish feed production in Pakistan (since 2012), with state of art Extru-TechInc (USA) made two extruders. Opportunity came up through ASA/WISHH to get training in Kansas state and Arizona Universities. Oryza feeds for Tilapia and Carp are now widely accepted by fish farmers, which are absolutely free from Fish meal and are soy based together with other plant proteins. Optimum FCR and better returns to farmers is testimony to Oryza feeds (pellet texture and durability, nutritional value and float character etc.).


Headquartered in: Pakistan

Year founded: 2011

Number of employees: 36

Countries where feed is currently distributed: Pakistan

Type of feed or feed ingredients currently produced: Mainly Tilapia & Carp feeds (90% of sales), followed by Trout & Shrimp feeds. Tilapia & Carps include 100% vegetable source proteins.

Creating new ingredients or feeds for F3 Challenge or scaling existing products?
Gradually lowering fish meal inclusion (replacing with soybean meal) in Trout feeds in collaboration with Trout farmers. No fish meal inclusion in Tilapia & Carp feeds.

Registered for F3 alone? Yes.

Press contact: Dr. Zahid J Yaqub, CEO, Cell: 00923005076751,

Other information: Pioneering company in fish feed production (from 2 state of art Extru-Tech extruders) in Pakistan, have made strides to convince & motivate farmers (through feed results & commercial viability) to gradually switch over from traditional feeding practices (for extensive culture) to floating feeds (for semi intensive culture system) in a period of 3 years. Subsequent shift will be rather fast. Government and private farmers are now commercially applying feeds and are experimenting with new fish varieties and shrimps in varied density environments, due to availability of extruded feeds from the “Oryza Organics”