F3 Fish Farms


The farms listed in the table below are known to grow aquacultured seafood without fishmeal and fish oil. We recommend checking with the companies directly for product specifications and pricing.

* indicates qualified F3 Challenge competitor

This list does not indicate any endorsements by the F3 Team nor does the F3 Team make any guarantees by providing company names and contacts through this list.

CompanyCountryGeneral ContactProductNotes
DAINICHI Corporation*Japanboyd_way@dainichi-ff.co.jp and/or yokoyama@dainichi-ff.co.jp; Tel: +81 (0)895-27-3200Madai / Red Sea Bream / Pagrus major; Frozen (Fillet > Loin > Slice) / Fresh (Round > HG > GG > Fillet > Loin)- ASC certification for red sea bream
- ISO certified frozen facility
- EU/US HACCP certified fresh facility
- Parties interested in this product should contact us to reserve fish currently being raised on the F3 diet and provide marketing backup information to promote sales of this fish
Fatide Co., Ltd.*Chinainfo@fatide.com; Tel: +86-177 2106 9543, +86-21-3373 9880Marine-- Large yellow croaker; Fresh water--Large mouth bass, shrimpContact Fatide to arrange product availability prior to purchasing
McFarland Springs Trout*USAinfo@mcfarlandsprings.comRainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss- Order online or find locations here
- Raised on a 100% vegetarian non-GMO diet
- No artificial dyes, antibiotics or hormones
- Free of mercury or other harmful toxins like PCBs and plastics
- Contains more omega-3 DHA than wild salmon