F3 Research


The F3 Team conducts contract research on fishmeal- and fish oil-free aquaculture, to determine which formulas can enable F3 feeds for the most popular aquacultured species. The list of our projects can be found below.

Information on nutrient digestibility can be found in this copy of the USDA Agricultural Research Services Digestibility Database.


ProjectStatusFeed# DietsPartner, LocationResearch Findings
Ideal Protein ProjectCompleteN/AN/ATexas A&M University, Texas
US Fish and Wildlife Service, Bozeman Fish Technology Center, Montana
McLean et al., 2022; Aquaculture Asia Pacific article; Aquafeed article
Isotope Analysis ProjectOngoingN/AN/AUniversity of Massachusetts, Boston; MassachusettsPending
Largemouth Bass, Micropterus salmoidesCompleteCook5Prairie AquaTech, South DakotaMcLean et al., 2020a
McLean et al., 2020b
McLean et al., 2020; GAA Article
Largemouth Bass, Micropterus salmoidesCompleteCook8Texas A&M University, TexasMcLean et al., 2022
Pacific White Shrimp, Litopenaeus vannameiCompleteCook6ShrimpVet, VietnamMcLean et al., 2020
Pacific White Shrimp, Litopenaeus vannameiCompleteCook7ShrimpVet, VietnamMcLean et al., 2020; GAA Article
Pacific White Shrimp, Litopenaeus vannameiCompleteCook2ShrimpVet, VietnamTran et al., 2022
Pompano,Trachinotus carolinusCompleteCook7Florida Atlantic University, FloridaArticle in review
Pompano,Trachinotus carolinusCompleteCook9Texas A&M University, TexasAlfrey et al., 2022
Rabbitfish, Siganus lineatusCompleteCook4The Nature Conservency, PalauCamperio Ciani et al., 2020
Red Drum, Sciaenops ocellatusCompleteCook7Texas A&M University, TexasSuehs et al., 2022
Rudderfish, Kyphosus vaigiensisCompleteCook1Ocean Era, HawaiiNOAA SK Grant Report
Yellowtail (California), Seriola dorsalisCompleteCook4Hubbs Sea World Research Institute, CaliforniaStuart et al., 2020
Yellowtail (Kampachi), Seriola rivolianaCompleteCook4Ocean Era, HawaiiNOAA SK Grant Report
Meigs et al., 2020; GAA Article